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With a Boho Chic style, Fashion Designer Sonia a passion for textiles” is designed to reflect feminine softness and romanticism.

The work is characterized by its bold fusion of styles with Fashion Designer Sonia Lozada’s characteristics Playful forms are used in her proposal that are reflected in Prêt-à-Porter collection with a casual - cocktail attire concept. The artisan influence is seen in the fine finishes of its hand embroidery; the lines acquire volume and manual texture on dresses, jackets and coats as a distinction detail; loose sleeves and deep necklines are embellished with feathers details. The color plays with the shade in a neutral base, merging in swampy gray and mandarin tones and andean purples which bring warmth.

A variety of textures, a play with color harmony, a cool and captivating vision of design are involved in Sonia Lozada’s work as a designer of her own firm, an influence that stands out in silhouettes and applications that give a unique spirit to garments. Her designs are inspired by today’s woman, that woman who is always feminine with a touch of sophistication.

Sonia Lozada has a trajectory in both working and training in collection matters and product development which have been applied to foreign and domestic firms. She is committed to her country throughout her career with a business vision and trend; she has put her experience as a textile consultant in improving exportable supply sector, labor done in various governmental and private entities.

In 2005, Sonia qualified to present her work in Ifema during the Madrid International Fashion Week in Latin American show and in 2010, in Pret a Porter in Paris. Her collections have also been appreciated in America(Chile/ Panama in the Expo Perú Pasarela show. Sonia Lozada has had exhibitions in the Musée Galliera in Paris and in the New York - Manhattan Fashion Fair. She has been a guest on several editions in the fashion show Perú Moda and Exhibe Peru, where she presented a novel approach that mixes folk with an eclectic air in her knitted fabrics line, giving to the Peruvian current design a proposal with stamped author.

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